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comparison post
My first blog about goals of college writing contains several qualities that I read in the first few chapters. Although there is some similar aspects, there are many different aspects also. I never thought that what the college reader would expect would be important for college writing. I am concerned about what the teacher expects but never considered the fellow classmates and the public. I was glad to see that creativity is important in college writing. Being observant and having a critical eye really stands out to me. I am not a very observant person but I think it's time I change that. I always laugh about how I am not observant but now I see how important it is in many aspects in my life, especially in my writing. One thing I didn't convey but I strongly agree with is evaluating your draft. I have written short stories in the past for my personal use and I find myself reading them over and over again before I am finished with them. There is always something that I need to change or add, etc. My writings are usually reflections so now I can learn the other styles of writing to be well rounded. Also, to be able to state an argument for a position in writing is another way of expressing oneself. Being able to stand on a position and propose an argument is intriguing to me. I am looking forward to learning how to write something that I can stand by and know that my thoughts are backed up with proof of what I believe.


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