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Informative essays
The steps to college writing and informative essays are similar in many ways.  They both have a thesis, a draft, need to be revised, and finished and edited.  In a reflection essay, it is mostly from your own opinion but an informative essay is more factual.  Informative essays are to communicate information clearly.  You need to do much research to get information for the informative essay.  

It seems to me that informative writing at the college and professional level has much more substance to it than the articles in magazines or newspapers.  The examples of informative essays in the book didn't have many pictures, charts or graphs.  They still had a personal touch and used alot of real-life experiences to convey the information.  I see alot of quotes and conversations in some of the articles which would also need to be cited.  The essays weren't just alot of facts, it was telling what avenues they took to find out the facts.  It seemed to be more interesting and longer than an article you would read in the paper, etc.  An instruction manual would be more of an outine.  It would be more factual and not very intersting, but it gives you the information that you need.