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I think I could really like this class if there was more interaction between the students and also the teacher.  There are only a few people who actually seem to be participating and it makes the class very uneventful.  We are suppose to be communicating with each other but only a couple do.  I know one person that has been such a help to me through this class.  I know I probably could do more for other people.  No class is really easy , especially when it's only five weeks long.  But we should have known that when we started.   I know I would enjoy this so much more if I didn't feel so alone. 

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Yeah! I know how you feel but even though you may not know me I'm here for you whenever. Just keep your head up and keep working you'll get through it.

I know what you mean. Its hard to do part of our work if noone writes in the blog so we can respond to them or at least give us a little bit to work with. I know that it looks like quite a few people must of dropped the class by the response we have in the blogs or at least i hope they did for there grade sake anyways. I know one girl that did is in my chem class and she said the only reason she dropped is cause she decided that she would probley like the classroom class better than the internet, a more personal experiance. She's probley right though in a way.

Internet classes are not for everyone and they take some getting used to. I know this first hand as for the past two semesters I was taking half online classes and half online. When it comes to online classes interaction is slim to none and students will do bare minimum required as most take online classes because of there busy life that prevents them from taking a more active in person class. Only thing I can suggest is to not worry about everyone else and just worry about doing what you need to do to pass the me, the ones not posting/interacting as directed will feel the pain at the end of the semester with a bad grade or will be taking this class again.

Haha just woke up when I posted...I meant to say I took half online classes and half on campus.

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