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Better under pressure
It's funny but I realize that at the beginning of this class I was so lost and trying so hard to do my best and now that I understand everything more, I don't try as hard.  I wish I didn't do that.  I must work better under pressure.  I started this class not knowing if I was passing or failing, now that I know my grades I seem to slack.  I guess I am learning something about myself.  Not that it's a good thing.  I know I could do better if I tried harder.  I guess I am settling for an ok grade.  It makes me mad at myself.  I know I can do so much more.  Maybe this is a good lesson for me to learn more about the students that I teach everyday.  It is very interesting. 

i want to say good bye to the class and I hope you achieve everything that you are striving for.  Maybe I will see you in another class someday. 

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