Writer's Block: Grimm Question
What was your favorite fairy tale as a child?

My favorite fairy tale when I was a child was "Cinderella".  I liked the movie by Rogers and Hammerstein.  (I don't know if I spelled the right)   My nickname is Cindy and I guess it kind of goes together.  I always related to Cinderella. I never had the life she had but I still had that feeling of being not as good as everyone else and believed that some day my life would change like hers did.  It is still my favorite til this day.  I cry when I watch it because there is so much love between her and the prince.  I just can't help myself.  I always wanted to have a guy love me like he did.  It touches my heart.  Can it really happen?  I believe so!

Informative essays
The steps to college writing and informative essays are similar in many ways.  They both have a thesis, a draft, need to be revised, and finished and edited.  In a reflection essay, it is mostly from your own opinion but an informative essay is more factual.  Informative essays are to communicate information clearly.  You need to do much research to get information for the informative essay.  

It seems to me that informative writing at the college and professional level has much more substance to it than the articles in magazines or newspapers.  The examples of informative essays in the book didn't have many pictures, charts or graphs.  They still had a personal touch and used alot of real-life experiences to convey the information.  I see alot of quotes and conversations in some of the articles which would also need to be cited.  The essays weren't just alot of facts, it was telling what avenues they took to find out the facts.  It seemed to be more interesting and longer than an article you would read in the paper, etc.  An instruction manual would be more of an outine.  It would be more factual and not very intersting, but it gives you the information that you need. 

The Prof told me to post this.

Reflection Draft

I have learned that college writing is much more in-depth than I would have thought. I like to write but I have never really been taught the correct way to put a story together. I thought that being creative was the only thing that was important. I know good grammar and punctuation are expected. I also realize that it should be interesting or people won’t want to read it. Different types of writing are also important for different uses.

After reading the chapters in the book, my expectations of college writing have changed. One thing that I never thought of is how a college reader would read. They are not in high school anymore, and hopefully have matured some since graduating. They would need something that would keep their interest and be somewhat challenging so they wouldn’t get bored.

Being observant is something that caught me off guard. I have never been a very observant person. My husband always tries to trick me when I get home from work. He says “Well, did you notice?” Then I have to try to figure out what he is talking about. I usually fail the test, and he just laughs. Now that I see how important it is in writing, I want to try to become more observant in all things. I found out how I need to improve in this area when my husband and I went to an art show. At this show there were artists teaching others how to get the most out of their paintings. We have never been to an event like this before. I’m not sure what possessed us to go there. The event was for members only, but they still let us in. It was very interesting and the paintings were beautiful, but I know we were out of place. Then the artist started showing paintings, one by one. He started asking the audience what they saw in each painting. I was very surprised when he pointed to me as his first victim. I was probably the least observant person there. I almost didn’t speak up because I was put on the spot. I finally said “I see a ship near a dock in the water”. He looked at me a little stunned because I think he expected more information. Then he chose another person to add to what I had said. What they said was so interesting because they were explaining the time of day, the weather, even that the water looked muddy and had seaweed in it. I was amazed because I saw all that also but I didn’t think it was important to say. It taught me a big lesson about observing every detail so you can feel the emotion in the painting. I believe it’s the same way with writing. You need to explore and observe every thought and idea and be able to completely explain what you want to convey to other people. By choosing certain words and the order in which you say things, you keep the reader moving in the right direction. Then the reader should have the right picture in their mind of what you are trying to say.

A very important part of writing is evaluating your draft. I have found that when I write, I need to go over it many times before I am done. I always find a word to change, a sentence too long or something I need to add. I read it with the perspective of someone else reading it that isn’t familiar with what I am talking about. This makes it easier for me to relate to them.

One other thing that I think would be fun for me to learn is how to write and propose an argument. I am a pretty passive person and don’t always have the right words to stick up for myself. It would be nice to be able to get a point across in writing and to have my thoughts backed up by the contents in my writing. I think if I could learn this style of writing and get the right subject, I could benefit from it because it would give me self-esteem.

I never thought that I would be interested in writing but it is becoming a passion of mine. There are so many different types of writings and so much creativity that can be expressed that I get excited to see what I can do. I have even written some poems and made a song. The ideas are limitless. I am ready to experience different areas that I haven’t explored yet.

Writer's Block: Significant Change
Have you ever tried to change yourself for someone you were in a relationship with (or wanted to be in a relationship with)? Did it work?
I want to be Real!  I know when I meet someone, I usually can tell if someone is real or not.  People like to put on masks and pretend they are someone they're not.  They are only asking for trouble in their life.  You can't truly be happy if you can't be yourself.  If you try to change for a relationship, then the relationship isn't real.  Someday, the truth will come out and you will find that you aren't really being yourself.  I do think we should change our bad habits but I don't think we can change who we truly are.  We all have alot of junk in our lives to get rid of and it is a long process if we want to try.  I believe it is possible if we look to God to change us and give our problems over to Him.   So, what I am saying is that we can't truly change ourselves but God can change us if we let Him.  I wouldn't want to get in a relationship with anyone and not be true to myself or to them.  My husband and I have been married for twenty nine years this year and we have always been real to each other.  There is the good and the bad but we have always accepted each other just the way we are.  That, I believe is the best way to start a relationship.

 I finally logged into my own journal.  It is starting to work right.  Thank God! 

Am I the only person that is having trouble with LiveJournal? I am having a very hard time finding out how it works. I don't know if my posts are coming up right. I just figured out how to go to my own site. I am somewhat dense sometimes. I wanted to edit my post and couldn't get to the right place. I did spellcheck and couldn't fix the words. I am Frustrated! I have a lot to learn about computers.

comparison post
My first blog about goals of college writing contains several qualities that I read in the first few chapters. Although there is some similar aspects, there are many different aspects also. I never thought that what the college reader would expect would be important for college writing. I am concerned about what the teacher expects but never considered the fellow classmates and the public. I was glad to see that creativity is important in college writing. Being observant and having a critical eye really stands out to me. I am not a very observant person but I think it's time I change that. I always laugh about how I am not observant but now I see how important it is in many aspects in my life, especially in my writing. One thing I didn't convey but I strongly agree with is evaluating your draft. I have written short stories in the past for my personal use and I find myself reading them over and over again before I am finished with them. There is always something that I need to change or add, etc. My writings are usually reflections so now I can learn the other styles of writing to be well rounded. Also, to be able to state an argument for a position in writing is another way of expressing oneself. Being able to stand on a position and propose an argument is intriguing to me. I am looking forward to learning how to write something that I can stand by and know that my thoughts are backed up with proof of what I believe.

college writing
I believe college writing should be expressive and creative.  There should be good punctuation and grammar.  You should be able to write in different styles for different purposes.  Being able to capture the moment on paper is part of the process.  You should be able to keep people interested while reading it. 

Hello! I had to make a new account on this site so it would work right. Sorry if you read this already. My name is Cindy and I'm married with two grown up kids, a girl and a boy. I've been a Hair Stylist for 30 years and have been a Teaching Assistant at BOCES for five years now. I love teaching teenagers, even though it's a challenge sometimes. I am continuing my education and English sounded fun to me since I enjoy writing. I also like Psychology and Human Services. My goal for my life is to help people and maybe I can help people with my writing. I am of Christian faith and I believe people need Hope in their lives. I hope to be able to spread some hope around.


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